Are You An MLMer, or an Entrepreneur Using Network Marketing As Your Business Model?

So which are you? An MLMer, or a Professional Network Marketer?

Is there really a difference? Are we just trying to separate ourselves from the negative connotations of the phrase ‘Multi Level Marketing’ and all of the pain it brings to mind of the people who stepped into and out of the business model over the years? Do we instead call ourselves “Network Marketers” and escape the skeptical eye of the ‘real’ entrepreneurs who would never do one of those ‘deals’?

I say not at all- Network Marketing as a profession has come into its own – and there are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who would never work a business if it did not have the leverage that a Network Marketing business offers. A professional Network Marketer knows that by developing leaders – they can create true walk away income. You cannot do that with a traditional business – even if you are the ‘boss’.

So what is an MLMer? What makes them different from a Professional Networker? And how can YOU evolve from the MLMer mentality and become the professional you must be to stop running on the hamster wheel – getting nowhere?

The MLMer has the mentality of an employee.

Wow, that’s a tough one – but right on the money. Most individuals are actually employees when they begin a home based business, so of course they have the mentality of an employee! How can that be a bad thing?

The MLMer’s focus is on retirement. Its on how quickly they can sit back and do nothing. Their first question is ‘how quickly can I make $5k a month so I can quit my job’. Now, wanting to quit your job is a natural thing… indeed, the true entrepreneur is smothered in a job and can see no other way of life than being self employed. But if your primary goal is retirement – we have some work to do!

The Entrepreneur’s drive is to do exactly what they desire

The entrepreneur is looking for an opportunity to work so that they can do what they are driven to do – they KNOW they are meant to do bigger and better things and are looking for the way, the teacher, the opportunity to present itself as the answer to the problem they have – a job!

The MLMer is also known as a MLM ‘Junkie’.

The MLMer is always looking for the next big thing – the next super duper comp plan that is going to pay them 2000% more for doing diddly squat. They are constantly jumping from one company to the next and have ‘shiny object’ syndrome which constantly distracts them from their goals. They rely on their emotions when making a decision. They let the over hyped launch calls, websites and and big promises of individuals guide their decision making. The are typically in multiple deals, and in many over many years. They never learn to laser focus to make the long term residual income… because they are living week to week, or at best month to month.

Be careful – because this affliction has a cousin. It’s the elusive search for the magic ‘system’. If you are up all night reading every so-called guru’s training on how you can make money in your sleep without ever calling your prospects… If you are spending your days in the technical side of internet Network Marketing instead of talking to humans… you are in the endless spiral of looking for the magic dust.

7-9pm is the Golden Time where you need to be talking to people. Your online marketing should be done after hours… yah hear???

The Professional Network Marketer aligns themselves with one GREAT company and builds for LIFE

The Entrepreneur relies on discipline – and truly does their due diligence before aligning themselves with a company that they will succeed wildly in.

An entrepreneur will stick with one company once the right one is identified. They will build one huge network and create as many leaders within that network as humanly possible! They will work to ‘replace themselves’ by training up people who can lead the masses…
So that they can go on to do bigger things, to give philanthropically, to travel, to inspire greatness in others.

The MLMer is always looking for an example of success outside of themselves.

They are waiting for their upline to provide the perfect training – the perfect system, the magic leads that are going to get it all done for them… or worse still- for spillover! What the heck is spillover? It’s a lottery sambad mentality. It’s the get as much as you can for doing nothing – it’s the employee mentality that wants to get just enough done so that they don’t get fired… but never strives for excellence.

The Entrepreneur Leads by Example.

They make a definite decision and remained committed to the tasks ahead until the goal is met. They don’t do what they do for the money – but for the sake of creating something bigger than themselves. They do it in service – for the greater good. They don’t make excuses for themselves, and don’t give excuses when asked why the goal wasn’t accomplished. They state the facts… not lame excuses!