Playing an Xbox 360 Live Game

The first time I truly played an Xbox 360 live game I was truly blown away. The game was Halo 2 and I was at a friend’s house. This was the Xbox 360 live game that the system was built for. It truly revolutionized and changed my gaming experience.

Why Was The Xbox 360 Live Game So Different?

I am by no means a hard core gamer, but I have been around the block so to speak. I have played MMO’s, been in guilds and clans, done the whole FPS on line thing, but I can honestly say the most fun I had was playing an Xbox 360 live ترفندهای بازی انفجار It was not that the experience was really different than any of the other things; it was how the whole thing came together.

First thing I noticed when getting into this Xbox 360 live game was that the games were pre set up by Microsoft. While you could set up and do a private game if you wanted to, the main matches were grouped and setup through your Xbox 360 live subscription. At first I was kind of annoyed at this, but after a couple of matches I started to realize that my opponents were at my level and it may for more competitive and engaging contests.

The next thing I noticed about the Xbox 360 live game was that you had to use a headset to play. This was absolutely a god send as every on my team was able to communicate and strategize. This made the games extremely intense and strategy was very important. I also like the fact that you could talk smack before and after the matches with the other team.

Lastly it was how quick and easy it was to find a game. Games went one after another after another and just chained on for the entire night. By the end I had raised a couple levels, learned most of the maps, and was taking on stronger competition. The experience was so immersive and fluid that I truly felt like I was in the game. The outside world slipped away as I blasted my opposition, and got blasted in turn. This was truly one of the most eye opening and fun gaming experiences I have ever had. If you have not tried an Xbox 360 live game and are leery of consoles games, you should give a shot because you truly do not know what you are missing.