Are You a Wolf or a Sheep?

Are you a wolf or a sheep? I say you are a sheep. Yeah you, BAAHHHH! Right off the bat I have pissed you off because I called you a sheep. Well it’s true; you are a part of a herd with a herd mentality. But you want to be a ادرس جدید ولف بت that’s why you are reading this.

95% of the people you come in contact with have a herd mentality. What do I mean by herd mentality. You follow the crowd; you wont do anything outside of the bounds of what society deems as reasonable, you are a SHEEP. You have been pitched by your friends at least once in the past year to do some kind of MLM or as you (the herd) would call it a Pyramid Scheme.

Whether it was Amway, Quixtar, Mary Kay, or Avon, and of course you said “No” because you have been told all your life that only the guys at the top make the money in those things. Well I am going to blow your mind wide open now. Whatever job you have, guess what the guy above you makes more money than you and he doesn’t want you to be successful because that means his job is in jeopardy. If you go high enough up in your company or organization you will find one guy at the top making the most money. Hmmm kind of resembles a geometric shape I think, perhaps a Pyramid. Yes a Pyramid, you work in a pyramid now so what’s wrong with your friends Agel.

Well now I know your next line, I don’t have any money to spend on a business. If I pulled up a brand new 2006 Lamborghini Countach outside of your house and said, “I will sell you that $250,000 car for just $1000, do you have $1000?” You would find 50 people in 1 hour that would give you $1000. So why would it be different for a business that can make you more than $250,000 a year, the difference is you and your own perceptions based on herd mentality. I bet you have $5 in your pocket right now so you can get that next pack of cigarettes, or for a six-pack of beer. Instead put that $5 and all the other $5 bills you have for cigarettes and put it away for when you are presented an opportunity to break away from the herd. You can continue to be a sheep or you can become a wolf.

A wolf is a sometimes pack animal and a sometimes solitary hunter. He knows when he needs to eat and goes out to find his next meal. A sheep stands by waiting for you to pour some food in a bucket for him. A sheep wont go out and get his own food. It’s the same in life, if you want something you will go out and find it, or find a way to get it. Critical thinkers and people who have the ability to problem solve are usually the ones who achieve the most success in whatever they do. If you are a sheep you just get up when the alarm clock tells you to and then you get into your car and get in line with the rest of the herd to go to work. A wolf gets up when he finishes sleeping, and figures out ahead of time where he needs to go next. If you don’t like what I have just said its because you know I am right. You are limiting yourself and no one else. How many times have you lost a job or had a bad relationship or had your car breakdown. Take a good look at who was at the scene of the crime every time. You were.

So you have to make a decision are you a sheep or are you a wolf? Are you going to stand by and let the herd dictate to you what your level of success will be or are you going to do something about it. I hope this article has made you rethink your position in your own life and that it prompts you to take action and truly be your own boss.