Bubble Blaster Game Review

Daydreaming of becoming this generation’s ultimate bubble hero? Stop sticking to that reverie and start building your own bubble kingdom by playing today’s hottest, hippest and heartiest bubble game, the Bubble Blaster!

The game is played a lot like Bubble Shooter; hence it is often dubbed as a spin-off of the game. As a timeless favorite, the game has gained worldwide popularity and user followings.


Playing the game is easy; it has simple instructions to follow through. The main objective of the ربات بازی انفجار is to eliminate all bubbles displayed on the play area. Bubbles are only blasted off out of the screen if they are of the same color and once they are grouped together by threes or more.

Bubble clusters should not get too far down the play arena; if they do the player loses the game. Just ensure that clusters are kept above the danger line to continue playing a level.

Players work with their computer mouse to adjust the angle of the shooting stick to the direction of the target bubble they want to hit.


Marathon: After a set number of misses, the bubble clusters will drop a row (bringing the clusters nearer the danger zone). So players must shoot bubbles wisely to avoid missing shots.

Puzzle: A good start for beginners, this play mode offers specially designed pre-set bubble patterns which do not regenerate once removed from the screen. Simply put, no bubble row drops are expected.


To hit target bubbles located in hard to reach areas (those that are on the backside of frontline bubbles); players can opt to shoot against the walls of the play area to set the direction of bubbles at an angle.

Furthermore, eliminating bigger groups of bubbles give higher points, so forget about playing safe by hitting only easy targets such as group of threes.


When playing this mode, players need to shoot bubbles strategically to ensure that rows do not fall rapidly (they are actually the ones controlling the row drops of the game). Since the color of the next bubble to be shot is displayed, it is possible for players to plan their game ahead.


This game mode is relatively easier, but this does not mean that players would not be challenged when playing it. In fact, the pre-set patterns used in this play mode are not that easy to eliminate.


Most Bubble Blaster enthusiasts find the game as a pleasing way to end a terribly, tiresome day from work.

Blasting bubbles is a great opportunity for players to harmonize their thoughts with their reflexes. It gives them some soothing form of mental and physical exercise.

Personally, the best thing I can say about the game is that it doesn’t freeze at all. It gives sustains quality bubble blasting action all throughout. Bubble colors are also striking yet not painful in the eyes, so I find the color scheme quite fascinating.