The Secret to Increase Your Vertical Jump – Explosive Power Training

Still looking for ways to increase your vertical jump? Is dunking that basketball a mere dream or do you intend to make it a reality? Well, if you are serious about learning how to jump higher, you are in luck. Here are some tips to help you out.

The secret to increase your vertical jump is to train on your آموزش بازی انفجار power off the ground.

Simple as it may seem, a lot of people do not understand this and train the wrong way. As such, many get stronger and developed bigger muscles, but still, are unable to jump higher.

Most of the athletes focus on “strength” training. Though it is essential for building the core muscles for jumping, neglecting speed and explosion will not get you anywhere.

If you look at body builders, you will notice that they have very tough and strong leg muscles. Despite powerful base and strength however, they are able to jump high enough to dunk a basketball. In addition, they are able to move as fast as they want to. Truth is, despite their muscular mass and muscles, no explosive power and speed is injected into their muscles, thus, making the muscles unable to perform at their full potential.

If you wish to increase your vertical jump, a strong foundation consisting of strength training is necessary to build your very foundation. In other words, this foundation is where your “hang time” and balance comes from. In addition to that, you must also include explosion training to put your fast twitch muscle fiber to work. Only then are you able to jump higher and make full use of your vertical jump training.

Here are some vertical trainings that can help you build explosion power into your muscles:

– Sprints
– Depth Jumps
– Lunges
– Step Jumps
– Jump Rope

Integrating these exercise with your core training is going to help you increase your vertical jump and make you jump higher in no time..

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